Shenzhen CONSNANT Technology Co., Ltd. (simple name: CONSNANT) is a professional manufacturer engaged in R&D, manufacture and marketing of UPS, Solar Power System and lithium ESS (Energy storage system).

     Our product has obtained the CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and local Chinese TLC certificates. Having reached good sales results in China, we are now expanding our sales overseas.

     We are proud of the fact that most of our company’s engineering staff is well-qualified and has gained experience in relevant fields more than 10 years. In order to protect your equipment from electrical supply network instability, we offer innovative solutions that obtain higher availability systems, improve efficiency and offer flexible solutions to meet specific needs and range of application. The UPS product is widely used in data and computing centers, finance institutions, banks, within industry and medical fields.

     We welcome any kind of collaboration, will enjoy any opportunities of dealing with new costumers: from distributors to ultimate consumers, undertake both wholesale and retail orders, including the sale of finished goods or parts.

     If you start work with us, you will not only get high-quality product at reasonable price, but also maintain the profitable conditions for further years.    

     We are located in the world-famous High-Tech center – Shenzhen city, China. Our factory is close to airport. 

     If you are lucky to visit the city, you are kindly welcomed to visit our factory.