High Frequency Online UPS

Model Number: CNH331
Capacity: 20-80KVA
Nominal voltage: 220/380VAC
Frequency: 50/60HZ

Application field

Personal computers, medical, telecom, local area network, servers, e-business.

Main parameters


Key Features:
Excellent performance in industrial environment protection
Just with the standard product, IP21 protection level(protection the machine from the intrusion of solid material with the diameter larger the 12mm or the water drops) is achieved. If a higher protection level is required, the optional dust-proof accessories can help to increase the protection level in industrial environment and safeguard the UPS’s security of operation in bad environment.
N+X parallel redundancy (compatible to battery share in the parallel mode)
※ The maximum of the inbuilt parallel mode is 8 UPS without any other external accessories, which helps the customer to extend the system capacity with low cost. N stands for the minimum amount of UPS in the load and X stands for the amount of redundant UPS in the system. The bigger the number of X is, the higher the reliability of the system.
※ The advanced controlling strategy is adopted to save the customer’s investment by sharing a battery unit in the parallel redundancy mode.
Intelligent management of battery charging and discharging
※ The CPU controlled advanced intelligent charging of battery enables the UPS’s charger to rectify the charging parameter, and provide the optimum charging modes in the answer to the environment, types and amounts of cells, and the using condition of the battery. The scientific charging mode extends the battery’s service lifetime. The optional addition to charging units shortens the time duration for the battery units recharging
Frontal-board operation and maintenance
※ The full consideration of customer’s efficiency in using the UPS is embodied in the module design and frontal-board maintenance, which saves time for repairing and improves the machine’s usability
Twin-channel line input
※ The UPS provides customer security in power supply with intelligent choice between two-line input or one-line input according to the actual condition.
Remote monitoring
※ Communication interface like RS232/RS485, Intelligent Slot are provided and MC, WebPower cards of CONSNANT Company are available for the realization of remote management and monitoring. In addiction, the optional AS400 card is suitable for the connection of the stem point, which enriches the customer’s choice out of the monitoring demand.
High-efficient DSP chip
※ The digital Ti DSP controlling chip provides precise data processing capability with excellent performance in output and reliability.
Outstanding electric property
※ The sufficiency of the machines is as high as 93% and reaches over 98% in the ECO mode, which can help to reduce the power loss of UPS.
※ The CNH331 series UPS is designed according to China’s power grid with a broader range of input voltage from 210VAC to 475VAC, which ensures that it can be applicable in the awful grid environment or different power supple equipment like generator with its extraordinary  input frequency.
※ The factor that the technology of IGBT FM intelligent rectifier and inverter is used, the input power factor is as high as 0.99, and the input current harmonic wave is as low as 3% makes the output voltage electric property more extraordinary.
※ Power overload capacity: the UPS can work normally under the condition of 110-125% load to 10 minutes, and 1 minute in the condition of 125-150% load. It also has the output short protection capability.
Flexible battery arrangement
※ Flexible arrangement of the amount of accumulators in each battery (32,30, or 28) can be achieved through the parameter resetting in the CNH331 series UPS, which effectively solves the question that the damage of some individual cell may influence the life of the whole battery unit by eliminating the damaged ones from the unit in the process of using UPS.

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