Lithium iron battery pack

Model Number: JYF12
Capacity: 4.5Ah
Nominal voltage: 12.8V
Frequency: 50/60Hz

Application field

  • Community
  • Medical&Health
  • Banks&Financial
  • Government&Education
  • Industry

Main parameters


Product features:
*It designed with IP65 level of protection, waterproof and dustproof without damaging battery.
*Super long cycle serving life, cycle life attains more than 1500 times, and the discharge capacity is still higher than 80%.
*Under the abuse conditions, using safety, battery interior or external injuries that battery will not burns or explode, has great protection.
*Can quickly electric charge or discharge under large current
*Great performance when high temperature, wide working temperature range (-20~+60V)
*Small size and light weight.
*No memory effect, no matter what condition the battery is in, you can use it with your charge;no need to discharge it firstly.
*Green energy environmental protection,without heavy metal or rare metals,no poisin,no pollute,accord with the Europe ROHS.
*Good replace ability with the same capacity of lead-acid battery pack.
*The size of battery pack is customized against the user`s specification.

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