PWM Solar Controller

Capacity: 50A-200A
Nominal voltage: 96VDC, 192VDC, 220VDC, 240VDC, 384VDC
Frequency: 50-60HZ

Application field

  • Mainly used for solar power station
  • Home solar power system
  • Solar street light control system

Main parameters


Intelligent Solar Charging Controller

System description
The controller is specially designed for solar power system and small&middle solar power plant system. Intelligent control is realized by using dedicated computer chips. The controller can be used in hard environment, since its adoption of industrial grade chips. Through the computer chips, the controller takes samples from the parameters of storage battery voltage, solar panel voltage, charging current and environment temperature, and then use the dedicated control mode calculation to control the discharge rate and make it matching with the characters of storage battery, realize the high accurate temperature compensation. PWM fuzzy charge mode and 7 phases voltage control are available for the storage battery to assure storage battery always in the perfect working state and so that the battery life is improved a lot.

Main feature
(1) Intelligent control is realized by using microprocessor and dedicated control calculation.
(2) Scientific management of battery: as it is over discharged, the battery will
 get boosting charge. As a result compulsory maintenance is available for the battery. In normal working state, the direct charge and floating charge are both available. Boost charge will be implemented every 7 days to avoid sulfating, so that the battery life-span is increased.
(3) With IGBT series circuit control in charging circuit and PWM fuzzy control in charging, the charge efficiency and discharging time is improved a lot.
(4) LCD screen shows the working state of solar panel, storage battery and load.  It also shows the adjusted parameter. In this way, user can learn the operation state in real time. Besides, there are various choices for parameter; user can select the proper working mode based on the different conditions.
(5) Industrial grade chips and precision components are adopted for all the controls. Therefore, the controller performs well in very low and high temperature, as well as humid environment.
(6) Chinese/English self option.
(7) Charging voltage and charging current self option.
(8) Battery reverse protection,solar panel reverse protection,over current  protection, over temperature protection,intelligent fan.

Data download

  • Solar Inverter PWM Controller 50-200A