Portable AC/DC Power Supply

Application field

Main parameters

Model NO. STD-T102442 STT204840
Continuous Output Power 1000W 2000W
Peak Power 2000W 4000W
Battery Type Samsung/Panasonic 18650 Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 24V43AH 48V40AH
External DC Charging DC25.2V7A DC58.8V7A
Charging Time 5~6H 6~7H
Solar Charging PWM(Optional)
Charging Current 10A
Input Volt Range 36~55V 72~85V
AC Output 220V/110V
Output Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Dc Output 5V2A 12V10A 24V10A 5V2A12V10A48V10A
Working Temp -15℃~50℃
Operation Types RH45%~85%,NON-Condensing
Protection Types Over-charge,Over-display,Over temperature,Short circuit protection
Display Content DC Voltage,DC Current,Battery Remaining Capacity,Active Power,Remaining Time
Cooling Fan Cooling(When internal temperature is over 65℃
Dimension9L*H*W) 20 25



  • Use integrated design of interver,control circuit and battery packs.
  • Convenient design with luggage bag,easy to carry and use.
  • Intelligent control system.
  • pure sine wave output ,high efficiency.
  • Emergency power supply.

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