48100A lithium battery system

CHDLFP-48100A lithium iron phosphate battery system as backup power source for communication is
designed, produced and sold by Shenzhen Consnant Technology Co.,Ltd. The system is a kind of unattended
intelligent backup power system. As a component of electrical equipment embedded in cabinet,it is suitable for
small capacity pull-in network equipment、distance exchange、mobile communication equipment、transmission
equipment、satellite ground station and microwave communication equipment. It has functions of concentrated
control、battery maintenance and management satisfying requirement for unattended operation or few people

Application field

Working principleCHDLFP-48100A series backup power system has access to the UPS host. In case of

normal power grid, UPS provides AC power supply that system needs, and charges the CHDLFP-48100A battery

system at the same time. In case of power off condition, electric energy is provided by the CHDLFP-48100Abattery

system. AC is provided to load by the DC-AC module of UPS, realizing uninterrupted power supply. Backup power

system has secondary charging function. When the battery voltage is too low, BMS cuts off the battery power

supply circuit and protects the battery life.

Main parameters

Protection function





Over charge protection

Over charge detection voltage


Over charge detection delay time


Over charge release voltage




Over discharge protection

Over discharge detection voltage


Over discharge detection delay time


Over discharge release voltage

Charge release









Over current protection

Discharge over current protection

current 1



Discharge over current detection

delay time 1



Discharge over current protection

current 2



Discharge over current detection

delay time 2



Discharge over current protection



Connect the charger to charge

Charge current protection


Charge over current protection


Remove the charger, press the

reset button or discharge release




Short protection

Short protection current


Protection condition

Load circuit

Detection delay time


Protection release condition

Charge release



Temperature protection

Charge high temperature protection


Charge high temperature recovery


Discharge high temperature








Discharge high temperature recovery


Charge low temperature protection


Charge low temperature recovery


Discharge low temperature protection


Discharge low temperature recovery




Balance start voltage


Balance start voltage difference



CHDLFP-48100A lithium iron phosphate battery system has some excellent properties:

1) Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as cathode material, single battery has high safety, high energy density and

good cycle performance;

2) External power switches improve the safety factor of communication equipment installation;

3) Latest technology developments in international communication power supply are followed, and advanced

power control technology and device is used. Built-in and high performance BMS in battery system has protection

functions of over discharge, over charge, over current and temperature, to ensure battery safety and good

communication between battery system and host;

4) Charging and discharging automatic management. Automatic measurements of charge and discharge current,

equilibrium management and over discharging protection of battery are carried out by monitoring unit. When the

battery voltage is lower than the warning value, alarm information appears. If the voltage is too low, the battery will

automatically be cut off to protect the battery;

5) The system has good electromagnetic compatibility and full intelligent design. Configured centralized

monitoring module has remote measurement and communication and computer management. Unattended

management is possible by communicating with remote monitoring center, complying with the development

requirements of modern communication technology;

6) The combination of power control technology and computer, can real-time monitor and control various

parameters and state;

7) Flexible configuration: multi module parallel can improve the output power and capacity;

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