Lithium-ion Solar Battery System

Nominal Capacity: 100Ah/200Ah
Watt Hour: 4800Wh/9600Wh
Nominal Voltage: 48V
Operating voltage range: 37.5V~54.75V
communication mode: RS485

Application field

  • Indoor distribution stations
  • Integrated base stations
  • Marginal stations
  • Distributed power supply

Main parameters

No. Item Specification
1 Nominal Capacity 100Ah 200Ah
2 Watt Hour 4800Wh 9600Wh
3 Nominal Voltage 48V
4 Operating voltage range 37.5V~54.75V
5 Standard charging method 50A
6 Maximum continuous charging current 100A
7 Standard discharging method 50A
8 Maximum continuous discharge current 100A
9 Cycle Life 3000 cycles (0.5C charge  0.5C discharge 80%DOD±25
10 Operating Temperature -20-60
11 Storage Temperature -20℃~50
12 communication mode RS485
13 Shipment voltage 48V
14 Charge retention and capacity recovery capability Standard charge the battery, and then put aside at room temperature for 28d or 55  for 7d, Charge retention rate 90%, Recovery rate of charge90
15 Weight 51kg 110kg
16 size (W399.5×L563×D185mm )±5mm W575×H764×D190mm ±5mm
17 designed life 10 years
18 guarantee period 3 years


    This product’s manufacturing standard reference YDB032-2009 communication backup type lithium ion battery pack, YDT - 2011-2344.1 the communication lithium iron phosphate battery part 1: integrated battery "YDT, 1051-2010" communication board (stand) power system total technical requirements ", YDT - 2005-1363.3 the communication board (station) power supply, air conditioning and environment centralized monitoring management system "of the relevant standards.

    Adopted by the high safety performance, lithium battery cathode material for lithium iron phosphate, high safety, high stability, high cycle life, high specific energy, specific power, low temperature performance is superior, but large current charge and discharge, and many other advantages, at the same time, using suitable for communication demand special high performance battery management system (BMS), with the charge, over discharge, short circuit, over-current (load), temperature, flow, total pressure protection,charging under the secondary electricity, balanced and various protective functions, and provides the bluetooth 、 CAN 、RS485 communication interface and the upper machine to realize remote monitoring, can be connected to the base station power environmental monitoring systems,Intelligent software anti-theft design, Ensure the life of lithium battery and reduce the daily maintenance work.

    Standard design, suitable for installation in 19-inch standard cabinet, low operating environment requirements (can be in -20 ~ 60℃, humidity < 95% normal work), small size light weight, easy installation, simple maintenance in the later stage, can save considerable upfront investment and maintenance costs in the later stage.

  1. The internal single battery adopts the anode material of lithium ferrous phosphate(LiFePO4), which has high safety, high energy density and excellent cycling performance;
  2. The battery pack is equipped with BMS, a high-performance battery management system, which has the protection functions of over discharge, over charge, over current, high temperature and low temperature to ensure the safety of the battery pack; Automatic charge and discharge management. The monitoring unit automatically measures the charge and discharge current of the battery and manages the floating charge and even charge of the battery;
  3. When the battery voltage is lower than the alarm value, it will alarm, and when the voltage is too low, it will automatically power down to protect the battery;
  4. The battery pack has good electromagnetic compatibility.

Data download

  • CNHD-48V100Ah-15S

  • CNHD-48V200Ah-15S