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The Cabinet as one of the core equipment of key physical network
infrastructure(NCPI), we adhering to the concept of “Rack system is the data
center”, optimization design for the maximize the energy efficiency and
minimize environmental impact.
The installation environment of the
data center equipment mostly depends
on the solution of the rack system.
□ Good rack system solution provide good
environment for various kinds equipment
of data center

Application field

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Main parameters

Advanced heat management technology

Adopt super mesh door design for ventilation rate of 70%, ensure smooth cabinet front and rear cold and hot air.

Professional power system

Professional power distribution design can provide different reliable solutions for user.
Reasonable cable management–
upper cable laying channel

Innovative upper cable slot, no need any tool for installation. The cable slot is designed as one separate unit for one cabinet, easy to expand. This solution can avoid the trouble of under ground cable laying channel like air blocking, expand and maintain.

Air conditioning cold pool
The cold pool solution provide the refrigeration efficiency of the precision air conditioning. It will solve the cooling problem of the data center. Our cabinet remain the cold pool installation position when design.

Integrated system including the whole
column cabinet
• Column tail gate
• The ceiling of the channel
• Integrate the rack
• Available for all kinds of
standard rack
• Available for the heat


Superior performance

  • Advanced thermal management technology
  • Standardized design,with good compatibility
  • Professional power system
  • The reasonable cable management
  • Two separate side panel
  • Original cool storage pool design
  • Easy to use

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