MPPT Charge Controller 48V

Model Number: CNS48
Capacity: 432W-4608W
Nominal voltage: 36V/48V
Frequency: 50/60Hz

Application field

  • Solar energy
  • Generator
  • AC mains of home farm
  • Office
  • Iindustries

Main parameters


Mppt Solar Charge Controller for Off-Grid Solar Power System

36/48V Auto

Product Specifications/Features
This is a MPPT (maximum power point tracking) smart solar charge and discharge controller,the core of every PV system, precisely controlling the energy flow, protecting the battery, and increasing system efficiency.

MPPT tracking charging mode with the peak efficiency up to 99.9%,30% higher than PWM controller
36/48V automatic voltage recognition system, ensure the batteries be provided with the correct amount of charge
Three stages charging: fast charging, constant voltage charging, floating charging
Intelligent MCU control core technology
Complete protection: DC&AC overload, under-voltage, SPD, short-circuit, overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature and so on.
RS485 telecommunication and data transmission
Historical record and inquiry function
LCD display + LED status indicator
Certifications: CE, FCC (we can help customer with other approvals)
Warranty:2 years, can be extended to 3-10 years

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