Power grid industry

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Demand and analysis

      The power plant is a special production enterprise with a high degree of automation. The automated production equipment relies on the safe and stable operation of the power supply system. In modern power plants, the DCS control system for large-capacity unit generators includes various thermal automation devices, such as automatic adjustment assembly instruments, steam turbine electro-hydraulic digital adjustment devices, boiler interlocks and safety monitoring systems FSSS, and turbine monitoring. Instrumentation (TSI), Coordinated Control System (CCS), etc., all need a reliable power supply. This power supply requirement should not interrupt the power supply when the unit itself is interrupted by power or the grid is faulty. This requires large capacity units. There is not only an accidental security power supply that can make the unit safely shut down, but also an AC uninterruptible power supply that provides high power quality and uninterrupted power supply for the control, monitoring device and post-accident status parameter recording device.

      1. DCS system power protection scheme:
       Consnant’s CND series power supply power supply adopts 1+1 redundant power supply system. For industrial power system application load and environment, industrial grade AC protection power supply manufactured by advanced technology can fully meet the power supply of power DCS system and other loads. Reliability requirements.

(Figure: Power UPS application plan)

Advantages of the program:
1) Professional UPS tailored for the power industry, adapting to the harsh grid environment within the power industry, not only meets the load requirements of the power industry, but also eliminates the need for users to worry about the three-phase imbalance of the load.
2) The 1+1 redundant parallel operation mode adds a safety lock to the already reliable power supply system to meet the extreme needs of users in the power industry for UPS high reliability indicators.
3) Make full use of the 220V/110V large-capacity battery pack in the power industry to maximize the backup time of the UPS and save the installation space and investment of the battery pack.
4) Optional bypass isolation transformer to achieve complete isolation of input and output, and to ensure that the output zero ground voltage <1V.
5) The rich dry contact monitoring signal can be included in the DCS monitoring system of the power plant; problems occur and reported in time, which facilitates real-time monitoring of the UPS by the on-duty personnel.