Government industry

Detail intruduction

   First, the industry background
    Government agencies are office organizations that serve the people. With the continuous development of society, the information processing capacity of government agencies is getting larger and larger, and the traditional paper office processing methods have gradually become unsuitable for the needs of the times. Therefore, governments at all levels have now established office automation computer network systems, with clients located in several floors of the government’s new office building; service and management terminals are located in the information center computer room. Only by ensuring that the entire computer network system runs smoothly can the smooth movement of the entire government be ensured.

     Second, the demand analysis
     In response to the above background analysis of the government industry, the government information room has the following characteristics:
       1. The government e-government system transmits a large amount of confidential data every day, which is the most effective in government informationization. Therefore, higher quality service requirements are proposed for the reliability and stability of the network. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the information network system, two-way mains input or one-way mains and one-way oil machine input are required.
       2. The critical load needs to be carried by the UPS power supply. The critical data load is at least 50kVA with load capacity, and the standby standby time is required to be 2 hours. The reliability is very high. The UPS should have dynamic data remote monitoring.
       3. For remote earthquakes, fires and other emergencies, remote or near-end remote shutdown function (EPO) can be provided to avoid more serious losses in an emergency.
       4. Requires UPS modular redundancy design, each module is an independent UPS, which is convenient for the expansion of the later power system.
       5. Require UPS to provide uninterrupted pure electric energy to the load equipment, and also take into account the efficient use of grid power; effectively reduce and suppress the harmonic pollution of the power grid, and provide a good atmosphere for the reliable operation of important loads. Leading the way in environmental protection and energy conservation.
       6. Due to the limited space for installing UPS and battery, equipment manufacturers are required to improve the space utilization rate of equipment placement and achieve the purpose of making full use of limited space resources. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the load-bearing capacity of the machine room and avoid the destruction of the floor structure.
       The above summarizes the characteristics of the government department’s information equipment room. In response to these characteristics, Chuangneng Hengdian combines the needs of users with its own product advantages, and designs a set of UPS room power solutions suitable for government departments to meet the needs of current users.

      Third, the solution