Financial sector

        I. Overview of the current situation of the industry
       A stable, reliable and pure power supply is an important prerequisite for the continuous, normal and efficient operation of financial networks. Financial institutions are divided into head offices, provincial branches, prefecture branches, county sub-branches, and branch offices, savings offices, self-service outlets, and ATM automatic teller machines. Most of the UPS is used for the power security of the core business system, especially the bank’s head office or provincial branch business. The requirements for the power grid are particularly high, and no instantaneous interruption is allowed.

       Second, customer load characteristics description
        For the financial industry, the quality of customer service is the key to the success of the company. However, maintaining a network that enables customers to query their accounts or handle a transaction anytime, anywhere is a daunting task. The load protection of the financial industry is generally divided into the following parts: monitoring equipment, automatic teller machines, power protection of the working platform; power protection of rack-type network communication equipment (hubs, routers, switches); branch offices, small and medium-sized data centers Power protection; power protection for large data exchange centers (servers, disk arrays, etc.).
       Third, the solution
        In response to the above background analysis of the financial industry, Consnant designed a complete power solution for protecting and purifying the power supply with its high reliability products, considering the actual application environment, load characteristics and cost considerations of the financial industry. So that the user’s entire system is always in a state of high security and high reliability.